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The cost of real estate financing is generally greater than the original purchase price of a home (after including interest and closing costs) over the life of the loan. Because financing is so important, you should have as much information as possible regarding mortgage options and costs.

•  What Kind of Loans Are Available? 

Just an astounding number and variation of loans are available from many lenders but, in general, the mortgage you choose will be determined by at several items:

•  How much down?  

Loans with 5 percent down or less are available – in fact, loans from major lenders with no money down have appeared in recent years. If you place less than 20 percent down, lenders will want the mortgage guaranteed by an outside third party such as the Veterans Administration, the Federal Housing Administration or a private mortgage insurer (required by lenders to protect against a mortgage default). Millions of VA, FHA and PMI loans are generated each year.

•  How’s your credit?

The best rates and terms are only available to those with solid credit. To get the best loans, make a point of paying credit cards, installment payments, rent and mortgage bills in full and on time.

Generally, a credit score of no less than 580 is needed to secure a loan, and each lender can set their bottom score limit as they see fit. You may have to shop around.

Check YOUR credit report HERE . It’s FREE once a year, all three reports!

Tip: Do NOT buy any big ticket items (car, TV, RV, boat, etc..) before or during the time in which you are applying for a mortgage.

•  First Time Buyers

You would think that “first-time buyer” means someone who has never owned property before, but under most state programs, the term refers to those who have not owned property within the past three years. State-backed first-timer programs often feature smaller down payments and below-market interest rates.

•  How Do You Get a Loan?

To obtain a loan you must complete a written loan application and provide supporting documentation. Specific documents include recent pay stubs, rental checks and tax returns for the past two or three years if you are self-employed. During the pre-qualification process, the loan officer will describe the type of paperwork required.

•  Where Do You Get a Loan?

Mortgage financing can be obtained from mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, savings and loan associations, mutual savings banks, commercial banks, credit unions, the VA, and insurance companies.

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You’ve bought a couple houses in the last few years, so it seems simple enough.  Did you use a Realtor for those purchases? If so, you were protected from the many often unseen details that go into those sales. This includes paperwork, market research, negotiation, connecting with the vendors involved in the sale process, and the agent on the other side (whose job it is to look out ONLY for THEIR client).

Have you seen the 181 Things A Realtor Does In A Transaction? Take a look.

Sad to say, nowadays a handshake won’t do anymore. Buying a house or even a piece of land involves dealing with several other professionals to assure all is well with the transfer of deed, services, and other items in the sale. You should be able to trust all people involved in the sale, but most of the time you don’t know them personally. Not to imply buyers or sellers might misrepresent, but it does happen. Who loses in that scenario? You, the Buyer.

A neutral professional like a Realtor, who has only your happiness at stake, is able to keep the facts in mind and deeply research the property and market value without emotion. We handle all the negotiations (and these sometimes get tangled), all the needed paperwork and inspections so you can focus only on the excitement of owning your new home.

You can do this! I’ll show you how.

TRUST is the biggest issue I think most people have when they consider using a Realtor.  Realtors depend on referrals from those we’ve helped previously, and also from people who already know and trust us. My goal is your satisfaction, and your ability to share your positive experience with others who may be looking for a Realtor they can trust.

Trust   means you believe I can listen to your needs closely and help you make an intelligent choice on homes we will view together.

Trust   means you believe I know the market & can help you will pay a fair price for your new home. I will handle all the details required to close the deal in your favor, whether it’s a previously loved home, or a shiny new construction home.

Trust   doesn’t mean I will become your ‘BFF’ after the sale.  Certainly I’d like to be your friend, but this is a professional relationship that I take seriously for your benefit. I can best serve you in this mission by managing all aspects in the most businesslike way I can, while ensuring that you receive the personal attention you need while navigating through the unfamiliar real estate transaction.

My job is to make it as easy as possible for you, and to make it happen FOR you.

My client is my priority. This could be YOU!

Hilary Meader, Realtor® GRI

FATHOM Realty 

6841 Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75071

P:  214-585-9383



Fathom Realty is a real estate company you can trust to place your interests first, a company that values honesty and integrity throughout the entire organization.

“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.”

Matthew 20:26



Real Estate. The Right Way.

© Hilary Meader,


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