If you walk into my house and hear my kids squealing, it is most likely that Chip has started a round of “tickle torture” with the kids.


When Chip and I were dating, I used to wonder what he would be like as a dad. My own father is reserved, intelligent and business-smart. Back then I was pretty sure Chip was business-smart, and I knew he was intelligent…but he definitely wasn’t reserved. He loved games, especially anything that involves a sport or game. A lot of our dates were spent playing catch out in some field. Just talking and watching that ball go back and forth. He always laughed and always played—so not much has changed. He just seemed to have a wild imagination and a childlike way about him. Even back then, he always had this easy way of drawing me out.


I learned a lot from my dad. He spent ten years teaching me about business and being a business owner. There was even a time when I thought I would take over his tire dealership when I got old enough. Learning business from him was the skill that started the fire in me to open my own. It’s funny the way God works, isn’t it? It was my dad who introduced me to business, and then He brought along Chip, who encouraged me to fearlessly pursue my dreams—and he’s been right there next to me ever since.


It didn’t take long after we became parents that I realized Chip was always going to be “The Fun Dad”. As I said before, Chip has a childlike way about him! He always has. At work, things are 100% about work, but as soon as he gets home, it’s phones up and playtime is on.


I’ve always admired how he “plays pretend” with the kids and connects with them in that way. And just like he draws me out, he’s always done the same with them. Whatever they’re passionate about, he’s right there at their side, encouraging them to follow their dreams. With our boys, it’s baseball. With our girls, it’s trips to the bookstore. Just the other day, the girls came home beaming from a daddy daughter date to the bookstore. They felt so loved and had so much fun just hanging out with dad. It’s the little things like this that make Chip a great dad.


As Father’s Day gets close, I want to take a second to really say out loud how grateful I am to have Chip—the man who pushed me to follow my dreams, and is now doing it everyday for our little ones. I’m so thankful to have him be the father of our kiddos, and I sure do love being his wife.

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