Here’s the story. You’re looking to sell your house, but you KNOW you’ll have to deal with Realtors crowding your doorstep to get you to list with THEM, then all the cleanup, fixing, and the actual LISTING process. This means strangers trampling through your home and possessions at unpredictable hours, forcing you to keep the house looking like a model home. THEN the offer (s) come in. Maybe not what you expected for a price?

Or you’re a Buyer looking for a great home, but really don’t want the hassle of coordinating with a Realtor to help you see homes, perhaps the formality of it all. You just want to see them and put an offer. (Remember to get your mortgage lender in order first, or you may not get that home!) 

Those brightly pictured, map laden, info rich online home sites beckon to your inner introvert (“this way I don’t have to deal with anyone directly..”). You can search the site anytime for the perfect home. No one to tell you one way or the other.  And Sellers, you just KNOW that those sites are the BEST way to go to get a Buyer to your home. Why use the pesky Realtor who is going to require a commission? This should be a piece o’ cake with MY nice house, you’re thinking. Ok, maybe so…

There’s one sticking point in looking at buying and selling homes like buying or selling cars (maybe like the Carvana style, right?).

Maybe TWO sticking points. Let’s look at em:

1. Real Estate in Texas is a bit more involved than maybe some other states. First, you can’t look at Sold prices on any online site for Texas properties. This means you have a harder time properly valuing the house you’re looking to sell or buy. Doesn’t mean you can’t scope out the price by using a real estate agent (and often promptly dropping them when you get that one piece of info you need…makes us sad :'(   ) Texas also requires ALOT of contract paperwork that you may not know how to interpret(I don’t know how to do YOUR job, either). Lenders ALSO require proper contract paperwork before they’ll let loose of their funds.

2. Emotions…didn’t expect that, right? Here’s what I mean: You have lived in your home for, say, 10 years. Raised your kids there, built a boat or rebuilt a favorite car there. Maybe you put alot of money into updating it EXACTLY how you like it. BUT, now it’s too big/remote/old, etc. for your new tastes. Or you’re ready to retire to Costa Rica. Can you simply throw that house on the market and NOT see the memories inside as strangers come through, talking about all the changes they want to make to aspects of the home they don’t like? That’s like someone talking about one of your children! If you needed to negotiate with a Buyer like this, how difficult would that be for you?

•  Or, if you’re the Buyer, and the Seller refused to negotiate on the price or other concessions, even though you and your agent KNOW the home is overpriced for whatever it is in that area. If you’ve already fallen for the home enough to make an offer on it, you’re already hooked (yep, you are..). Do you buy it anyhow? Will the lender let you buy it at that price? Is this going to turn into a big, ugly mess?

Now, I know that some people, like me, are introverts. This means we don’t like making what we feel is unnecessary contact with other humans for any proscribed length of time. It’s sometimes even hard to talk to a friend on the phone! To have to call a Realtor, sit down with them and listen to the spiel, or talk about your needs, can be just too much, and make you feel like you now have an OBLIGATION. Yeah, I knew you’d think that. I do as well, sometimes, though I mostly feel that I don’t want to waste the other person’s time and/or knowledge because I KNOW I’m just looking for a quick answer, even though I probably need a long, involved answer to truly answer my need (dang, weird sentence, right?).  

Even introverts know that human contact is sometimes essential to having our real needs understood. Sometimes we ourselves don’t really know what we need until someone talks to us about it. This is why counseling works so well. We THINK we know, but often miss the key clues because we self-talk the same stuff over and over, forgetting there are other needs we have.

Real Estate IS an emotional industry. Unless you’re an investor just buying houses to rent out, you have an emotional stake in who buys your home, or what home you choose to buy. Having a Realtor guiding you and asking you revealing questions usually converts a dispassionate decision (which may be the wrong decision in the end…AFTER the big mortgage is in your name) into one that assures you will find the RIGHT home, or sell your home with as little emotional upheaval, as possible.

This is a Realtor’s job. We are not salespeople. YOU are the salesperson as it is YOUR product. WE are the counselors and executive assistants. We do the hard stuff, so you can enjoy the stuff that we are working on FOR you.

So give your Realtor some love today. It’s a tough job, not all glitz and commissions and prizes. We are the captain that keeps the boat pointed in the right direction and steers around the choppy seas so you can enjoy the journey (no one wants to be upchucking over the side of the boat, now, right?) We are here to HELP you, we COMPLETE your real estate experience.

Call me as soon as you feel you need someone to talk to about Real Estate. I promise to be easy and friendly, no obligation expected. Let’s drink some coffee and talk about YOU…



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