Once upon a time, on a Hawaiian island, a young family lived in a little house on the mountainside, overlooking a white sand beach and multi-colored blue ocean. There was a little playhouse in the yard that mirrored the real house. The children loved climbing in the paper bark trees, and sleeping overnight in the playhouse. Their real house’s expansive deck overlooked the beauty below, and their parents, especially their mother, so loved the little house. The father hosted parties there, and built boats under the canopy of the deck. All seemed well. Until that day when the father decided they needed a change. No one else in the family wanted to leave the little mountain dwelling, but leave they did.

Reach back in your mind’s eye to the first house you (or your parents) ever bought(I’m doing that right now!). The perfection almost hurt your eyes to view. Everything about that house gleamed and shone brightly, everything in the house was just as you’d hoped. It was certainly true love.

Over the years, the gleam started to fade, the maintenance issues started to become harder to keep up with; we are busy people, right? That siding will wait; the window trim and caulking can sit another couple of months. One day you really look at the house again after another issue. You can’t remember why you bought this particular house anymore. It’s time to sell, get something shinier, maybe bigger, or in a nice neighborhood. Or maybe you bought too much the first time, and this one just seems too big a task to shine up again.

Along comes a ‘fairy godmother’, a realtor, who asks you if you are “thinking of buying or selling a home”..just a short pause, then you say ‘yes’. This is an exciting answer for most agents, and they’ll busy themselves with plans for the listing, and start your search for the new shiny house.

But what if the realtor hesitates, and asks you, really digs down deep asking ‘why do you want to sell?’ What would you say? You see on alot of the fixer-upper type shows that, oftentimes, one partner wants to sell, the other is attached to the house and doesn’t. There is no right or wrong reason to sell your home, but I as a realtor would not want to help you make a mistake you may regret later, just because a sales commission is looming on the horizon. I don’t suspect you will commonly have an agent ask you this question for anything more than to put on the listing notes.

If you are currently thinking of selling, I want you to list out your (and your partner’s) reasons why, and also why NOT. Our culture craves the new, shiny updated things. Buying a new smartphone is one thing. Selling and buying a new home is another. It’s a decision not to take lightly, or without your partner’s understanding the reasons.

A good Realtor will make sure that you have thought this out well, and this is the action that will bring about the positive changes you all need. Yes, I’d like to make the sale, but I also don’t want you to live with regret because I was so eager for that commission and didn’t really take the time to consult with you.

Oh, you want to know what happened to the Hawaiian family?:

The father made the decision, and a move was made, but the reasons he had for doing so he didn’t solve in the next property they bought. The family was happy enough in that house, but the little house on the mountain stands to this day in their dreams and thoughts of happier times. 


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