Want To Get Back To Playing Your Band Instrument?

What Is This Band Hoping To Be?

This is a orchestral project in North Texas for anyone over 18 to remember and enjoy playing their band instrument with a like minded group of people.  We hope to have enough proficient players to help the re-players gain their chops back in casual jam sessions. This will probably be a ‘Flex Band” type orchestra.

Playing is like riding a bike; you don’t forget how, but your muscles need to work back up to speed!

Where In North Texas Will It Be?

Founder lives in Anna, and would hope to draw people from anywhere within a 20 mile radius. Meeting/practice place TBD, currently in McKinney  and probably McKinney or Melissa area.

Who Can Join?

Anyone over 18 can join. We are a “project” so even if you don’t play well, or have forgotten alot, we want you! Music is fun and soothing. We will get better and better. Hoping we can find places to play some of our re-found musical skills at some point in the near future!

What Type Of Music Will Be Played?

Short answer is: any! Obviosuly we will start with school type orchestral arrangements of varying difficulty. We’d love input from everyone in the band. Big Band and Jazz would be great, movie soundtracks, even re-written pop music from any era. We can do themes, or just a variety to challenge our skills.

What Will This Cost?

There will be some dues, mainly to cover the facilities fees we may encounter, and the New Horizons International membership fees. Of course, music scores will be a cost. Once we get going, we’ll know more about fees.

The more members we have, the less it costs. Tell your friends!

Get Ready To Meet!

What Instrument Do YOU Play?

Recent News

We have TWO wonderful and well educated Directors! Both have extensive band and orchestra experience here in North Texas, and have started us on a path to rediscovering our love of the challenge of playing music!

As of mid January 2023, we have had 3 practices, and are planning some fun outings for us to play for people in the area in the late spring. Are you game to have some musical fun in our group? PLEASE answer the Questionnaire below, and you’ll receive further information quickly!

Things We Need


As of October 2022, this is a shiny new group! We need YOU to come out and play some notes with us!

Though we want all instruments, we specifically need bassoon, euphonium, french horn, and Percussionists. An oboe player would be fantastic!

Fiscal Sponsorship

Currently applying for Fiscal Sponsorship which will allow us to be free to choose locations and fundraise for needed instruments.

A Location To Play

Location is temporarily in east McKinney. Looking for a space that is available for a group of our size (30-50 players) and some basic storage for percussion.  Do YOU know of a great Location?


Let’s Get Playing!

Get In Touch Anytime!