As of 27 April, 2020.

Based on the above map constraints, Homes 1200SF or more, Yr Built 2016 or older, Up to $800,000. No Manufactured Homes.

New Listings- Last 14 days

Homes Under Contract -Last 30 days

Homes Sold

Last 90 days


Same time 2019 = 1,097

Avg. Price: $353,000

Avg Days On Mkt: 49

Sales $- % of List Avg: 96.5%

Homes Off Mkt

Last 90 Days


Expired: 102 (DOM Avg:92)


Cancelled: 287

Withdrawn: 5


Temp Off Mkt: 79

Same time 2019 = 468

Homes Are Being Shown Strongly Again!

Home Showings UP

The above numbers show that the market snapshot right now doesn’t look much different from last year. The exception is the number of Cancelled listings, most likely due to the COVID-19 and safety concerns. This means the number of homes available compared to last year would be less.

With the proper precautions, your home for sale can get the same amount of showings and interest it might have this time last year. If fact, it might get even more interest since fewer homes are on the market, and the Interest Rates for mortgages are down significantly!

If you’re thinking of Buying, make sure you have updated all your information with your Lender and have a Pre Approval Letter from them ready to go. We can make seeing homes you may love easy and safe. If you’re ready, the Market is ready. 

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