Please take a moment or two to answer these fun and informative questions. What you tell me here will help me narrow down more detailed questions to ask you, so we can get underway faster and more accurately.

What style Of Home Are You Hoping For?

WHERE are you looking at as your most desired area (s) to live?

You can mention counties, or towns/ISDs, or down to a neighborhood you love.

"City Mouse" or "Country Mouse"?

How Many Levels?

How much space do you need?

How big a lot are you hoping for?

Can you handle some work on the right type of house?

How many bedrooms will you need?

How many bathrooms needed?

Looking for a pool?

How about a fireplace?

What do you want your monthly mortgage payments to be at a maximum?

Will you be financing via a Lender or paying Cash?

Finally, WHEN do you want to be on your new front porch?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these. Now we can really start to nail down all your "Ws" - Where, When, What, and WHow much (ok, so that's not a W). Get a head start on your search here:

Talk to you soon!