can’t sell your outdated home?

Let’s Fix It First

Then Sell!

Transform Your Home with help

Pay nothing until you close on the sale at Full Market Price!


service advisors & your agent decide what fixes will maximize your home sale price. then we pick finishes based on what sells


Construction crews come in and start the renovation. This can be up to 6 weeks.


Once the renovation is complete, we hit the market with fantastic new images & price to show the world your spectacular ‘flip’!

I get many emails on a daily basis that are investor agents looking for houses to buy from my clients CHEAP, so THEY can fix them and sell them, taking the profit YOU should have received.

That’s where these amazing & flexible programs come in that basically pay FOR your renovation before you list it with me to SELL for the real TOP Sales Price.

Who wouldn’t want that?


Start by talking to a design advisor & your agent. Decide which rooms of your house need the most attention to sell best.


All design & planning takes place on apps, and then the renovation starts! Easy to keep track of.


Start seeing construction results, you and your agent start talking about the new listing details.


Receive offers, pick the best one, pay your reno costs, and pocket YOUR PROFIT.

Designed To


Option 1


Curbio is one of the nation’s leading pay-at-closing home improvement solution for home sellers that want to sell fast and for the most money. Curbio provides a white glove service enabling sellers to upgrade their home now and pay when it sells.

Unlike traditional contractors, Curbio is focused on profit-driven updates, speed to market, and a five-star customer experience, resulting in a 28% average sale price increase and 50% faster project times. Programs include:

  • Fix Now, Pay When You Sell™️
  • Made for Real Estate
  • Turnkey Concierge
  • Tech-Powered
  • Makes pre-listing updates an option for everyone
  • No Upfront Charges
  • Simple, Fixed-Price Proposals

Option 2


Revive and its unique technology solves the seller presale renovation dilemma & is changing lives one renovation at a time by guiding home sellers through presale renovations without upfront costs.

By providing access to Revive’s network of top contractors, more than 400 home sellers have gained an average of $186,000 more in profit when selling their homes, earning an average ROI of over 250%, totaling an additional $60 million earned in additional profits. Programs include:

  • Renovate To Sell
  • Sell 360
  • Renovate To Stay
  • AI driven design technology
  • App for progress updates
  • No upfront charges
  • Faster remodels

What If You Need To Sell NOW??

A special program allows you to get an After Renovated Offer on your home, get partially paid for the property UPFRONT-allowing you to buy another elsewhere, then receive the final % of proceeds AFTER the renovation is complete and the home is sold for MORE!

This is a great way to liquidate a probate property, or simply be done with the property that needs more work than you’re willing to do. Check with me on this fabulous option!

How Does This Really Work?

The company you choose to renovate your property will contract the work, pay for the supplies, and oversee (along with me) the work. We list your home afterwards for a much better price, and you pay the renovation cost at the closing table out of your proceeds!

How Long Will It Take?

Length of renovation depends on how much needs work and what type of work. Could be a week to 6 weeks. We’ll go over all that before you decide to do it.

Is It Messy? Will I Have To Move Out During Reno?

Depending on what needs renovation (kitchens & baths being the toughest to live without) and length of time, the environment may be a bit uncomfortable. If your family situation requires you to vacate temporarily, at least one company can possibly front fees for that, or you could stay  with family perhaps for a small period.

Can I Pick The Finishes?

Yes, you, your agent, and the design team will all have input to choose from a curated catalog of finishes. Decide on what will sell best in your area, rather than what you might prefer.

When do I pay for the reno? Am I guaranteed to make more money?

The final cost of the reno is taken from your sale proceeds at the closing. The renovation company will not fund a project that they feel will not generate both their needed costs & a profit for the Seller. This is decided on before any project is accepted.

What If I don't Want To Move After The Reno?

If you LOVE the result and decide that there’s now no need to move, you simply pay the renovation company the costs incurred, and STAY!




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