Over the past 3 years there’s been a noticeable lack of homes for sale on acreage in the Anna area. This means higher prices and faster sales for those that do hit the market. Are you ready to sell yours? Buyers are looking.

The Anna area is set to BOOM this year. If you attended the Mayor’s State of the City address on February 11, you’ve heard that there are over 700 lots soon to be permitted and built on, not counting the Mantua project that straddles both Anna & Van Alstyne that will bring over 6000 lots when all is said and done. Those new home prices are slated to be anywhere from the low 200s up to the 700s on the west side. This means folks who already live ‘in town’ may be looking to head to more rural viewpoints, while still wanting to remain in Anna. This is a vital time for anyone living in a home on more than an acre to seriously consider their home equity and whether they might be willing to sell to cash that out.

I love selling acreage properties. They are all so unique, bringing their own charm and benefits to a Buyer. Here’s where the current offerings are, though the pickin’s are slim:

Locations of Anna ISD homes sold or actively for sale as of Feb 16, 2020.

This chart shows us how few acreage properties have been available in the last year in the Anna ISD. A max of 14? If you own an acreage property here, it is TIME to think about selling. Prices are stable if not climbing, depending on property appeal. 

With the onset of even MORE subdivisions coming to Anna so are Buyers who want to make a move OUT of subdivisions.

If you have been considering downsizing, or have other needs that necessitate a move, spring is coming, ‘High Season’ for home sales. Let’s get you going on being ready to sell.

Get An Idea Of What Your Property Might Bring

I’ll bring a comprehensive look at the market for your property to help you decide if it’s the right time to get it spiffed up for a new family.

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