Buy or Sell your North Texas home with confidence.

Making your North Texas home sale or purchase perfect.

Your Real Estate Advisor for Equestrian properties, Residential and all needs of Buyers & Sellers north of Dallas.

Collin •  Grayson  •  Fannin  •  Hunt  •  Cooke Counties and more.

Time Saving

Your Realtor puts together the ‘tour’ in the best timeframe for you, making sure everything is ready for you to get the best view of each one.

"E-" EVERYthing (Almost)

We can handle your whole transaction online, either web or app-based. We do need to actually phsyically look at homes, and ‘Closing’ the sale is usually in person.

Pro Advice

Realtors are a neutral, well-learned ‘eye’ to give you advice about a property you love, but that may have ‘issues’ you aren’t familiar with. 


Transaction Perfection

With my love of research, I’ll find out all the details, and handle every step of your purchase carefully & properly.

You’ll be ‘home’ in no time at all…


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Perfect Listings

A listing MUST look it’s very best, without misleading, and with ALL details included.  First impressions are crucial. I want to get this right for you the first time, with:

Pro Photos/Aerials  •   Staging
Marketing   •   Negotiation

Transaction Perfection

Texas real estate contracts are complex, and price is not the only negotiating point or item of value. I’ll walk you through all your offers to help find the one that suits you best.

You’ll be ‘SOLD’ in no time at all…

What You Want

•  Someone you can trust

•  Save Time

•  Save Money

•  Someone who listens to you

What I Do

•  Listen & understand your wishes

•  Research all aspects of the deal

•  Know the correct steps & details

•  Handle the details expertly

Why I Do

•  I love happy faces in new places

•  I love making the process easy

•  I like getting you the best deal 

•  I like houses!

Why use an experienced Realtor:


Someone with you besides the unknown Buyer/Seller



You already have a special job- we do this all day.


We know who comes in – and who owns it.

Pro 'Eye'

We’ve seen it. We help you judge what you see & what you miss.


We carry Errors & Omissions insurance. Do you or the other party?


We know our contracts & terms. We handle all details.

What about those other ways to Buy or Sell?

You could handle buying or selling a home on your own. It’s pretty time intensive, and can be intrusive to your family life. And what about your ‘day job’? Do you want to learn the complex Texas contracts? You really need someone to help. But how much help?

Here are some quick notes on some of the other ‘methods’ you’ve seen with pros and cons to each one. What do YOU need?


Let’s talk about it.
Discount Agencies


Often known as ‘flat fee agencies‘. Be aware: there are no “Discounts”. This term implies there is a standard to weigh against. Per the Sherman Anti Trust Act of  1890, one of the act’s main provisions outlaws all combinations that restrain trade such as any agreement to fix prices (read: commissions), among other things. You are free to negotiate any fees with any Realtor ahead of signing any paperwork.

Flat Fee agencies simply determine a flat price to do a given number of steps for your transaction. How well they do them is the same issue as you’ll find with any Realtor. We are all individuals, no matter what Brokerage we align with. Some folks are more detailed, some less attentive, etc. 

Do your homework on who is offering what and for how much.

"Big Name" Agencies

Just because an agent works for “Biggest Brokerage” doesn’t make them automatically a good agent, or one that fits your needs. Since we are all Independent Contractors, we follow certain rules of our particular brokerage, local, state and national Realtor associations. How WELL we follow is up to the individual.

Meet with a few agents that catch your attention to ask questions and decide if they are the one for you.


An ‘iBuyer’ is any company that will buy your home either sight unseen or after a short assessment, for an offered price. These prices are usually quite a bit lower than market value. Why? They have to make money on it once THEY put it on the market. This method simply saves you time, repairs, and keeping your house clean for showings.

It does NOT always save you commission. Often, the ‘iBuyers’ do charge you a ‘service fee’ of 5-12%, and some even ask you for money for repairs after their assessment!   • If you are needing to sell your home quickly- maybe a pre-foreclosure, death/probate, job relocation, divorce, etc. – this may be a good option for you, depending on how much equity you have in the property. •  If not enough to pay off the mortgage, you’re looking at a Short Sale(bank will take a hit on the price but they decide who can buy it).

For Sale By Owner

This is certainly a choice. The main issues with FSBO are:

  • Time – you need to have extra time to market, show, be around for inspections, etc.
  • Safety – allowing all sorts of people to walk through your home without any background checks. What about your family and valuables?
  • Visibility – Sometimes a sign, word of mouth and a low cost listing (think the ‘Z” site) is just not enough to reach the perfect Buyer. More time wasted.
  • Negotiation – So many factors to negotiating, and you’re already emotional about the home you love. Many deals have soured at this point that a Realtor could have saved from a neutral, experienced vantage.
  • Insurance – What happens if these Buyers cause some sort of contractual issue, or, if you’re the Buyer of a FSBO, the Seller ‘leaves out’ serious information? You’re out of pocket, unless the contract you used covers any of this. Realtors have what’s called Errors & Omissions insurance. This is used in situations such as:
    • You list a property with an undisclosed physical or structural flaw.
    • You buy a property for a certain use, but Seller didn’t tell you it wasn’t able to be zoned for this use.
    • You describe a property incorrectly in a listing.
    • You fail to disclose all liens on a property.

This isn’t to say you can’t get it done. It’s just going to take longer and, of course, Buyers assume the price is going to be cheap. If they bring a Realtor to help THEM, you’ll need to pay that commission. So it’s only a small savings with no support for YOU.  Read more on my Blog about this.

Ready to discuss your wishes?

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