How Much House Can I Afford?

This is a quick look to give you an idea of what you may be able to afford when looking to buy your new home. All fields must be filled out, even if just with a ” 0″ . Keep in mind these calculators are not exact indicators, and many factors not asked for here can change the outcome up or down. There are so many new loan programs, some of them with grants that don’t need to be paid back.

It’s best to contact your lender to get more precise numbers before you start looking at homes to purchase.


Buy A House Calculator



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IS That A Bedroom (in Texas)?

Are you SURE that bedroom is a Texas code defined bedroom? Find out before you list it as one.

Check Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates change with the wind these days. Here’s a quick place to check what might be happening today nationally. Best bet is to talk with your chosen Lender, as their rates will be specific.

Which Brokerage Sells The Highest Percentage?

Every major brokerage listed has a very similar rate of properties that either Cancel, Withdraw, or Expire their listing with that brokerage. Why is that?

November 2022 North Texas Market Report

These are the Market Stats for November 2022 in the DFW North Real Estate area, focused on:Counties : Collin   •  Grayson  •  Fannin  •  Hunt This is the Year To Date Average Sales Price of Resale homes in Collin, Grayson, Fannin, and Hunt counties. This graphic...

Mortgage Rates Are Yo-Yo’ing…Why?

WHAT is up with the mortgage rates these days? Well, I’m no finance expert, as many of us aren’t, so here’s the bit I know about. Maybe it’ll explain a bit. It doesn’t make the rate changes any easier to accept, though, sorry.

Need To Sell Before Buying? Not Anymore

Fathom Realty has a service called FATHOM OFFERS. It's a one stop home shopping or selling hub that features Modern Bridge Lenders, Cash Buyer options, and iBuyer options. Read more about how YOU can be a Cash Buyer regardless if you own a home or even HAVE all that...

Your Home Needs Remodeling Before Selling?

Post Pandemic home sales will need to be more updated than before. There's a simpler way for you to get that done. Read on...During the last 2 years of COVID pandemic home sale, almost anything could sell as people rushed to get out of the cities and into fresh,...

Area Market Trends & Quarterly Report – Q3

These are the Market Stats for the 3rd Quarter in the DFW North Real Estate area, focused on:Counties : Collin North Grayson Fannin Hunt Cooke Cities : Anna Melissa Celina Van Alstyne Farmersville, Princeton Q3 - Anna, List Price to Close Price.Q3 - Melissa, List...

What Are The Mortgage Rates Doing in Q3 2022?

Just like the housing prices, the mortgage rates started to roller coaster. In June, the national average rate for a 30-year fixed conventional loan, across hundreds of lenders, was 5.47%. Two weeks later, the Conventional loan rate spiked, reaching 6.28%, an...

What Is The Home Buying Process?

Buying a home for the first time, or first time in a long time after maybe renting for awhile, is exciting at any age. Your Buyer Agent is with you to make sure your decision is the right one for your circumstances.The housing market is a roller coaster right now....

Why The big “Z” Is Not What You Think

We agents know that talking to us first can feel intimidating to a new home Buyer. The stereotype may never die, no matter how good most of us are. However, you could save so much time just sitting down to chat with us as you consider purchasing a home, rather than...

Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

The decision to buy a home for the first time, or first time in a long time after maybe renting for awhile, is exciting at any age. Buying can be a good investment if done right. Buying just to buy? Well, that's up to you. Your Buyer Agent is with you to make sure...

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