Why Would You Choose Me To Represent You?

Forget the high pressure approach.

Not only will I consult with you, guide you, capably negotiate your deal, and manage the whole transaction – I’m going to provide you with an outstanding experience throughout our time together.

How will I do that?

CONSULTATION – No pressure or  ‘puffing’

You don’t buy a new home every day. You need someone who listens to your expectations, and can meet them. I put my skill and resources in motion based on what is best for YOU.

I know you don’t need help finding homes to see. What you DO need help with is making sure that 1.) what you see is what you get (or better!), and 2.) what you see is the right price. Not to mention, I will be a sounding board for your evolving wishlist as we progress through the forests of homes available. The home you buy MUST be the right one for you.

VIEWING – Let’s Do This.

Those home portals sure can make a house sound and look good, right? But looks can be deceiving. I’ll help wade through the underlying details of each home you wish to view, and make sure you have the whole story. Subdivision homes differ immensely from farm/ranch homes in what to look for, and look out for.   

Sometimes, what you start out thinking you want changes like a caterpillar into a new beautiful idea of your perfect home. I’m with you to sort out those desires, dig deeper and help find ‘the one’ your heart is calling to. 


An art itself. To do it right requires knowledge of the Real Estate industry: it’s regulations, forms, ethics and key processes, and partners. Emotions cannot be a part of this. You need a strong, experienced ally to represent what is best for you in the purchase of your largest asset, and maybe your new beloved family home which will be your haven from the outside world.

This is what I do best.


TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT – In Texas, the amount of required forms and documentation is heavy. Making sure both sides have properly prepared and finished needed paperwork is important to assure nothing is missed that will affect your purchase. I must work closely with both the Seller’s agent and all the various partners that comprise the transaction, often in a ‘drop dead date’ situation.

Are you sure you want to handle all these details on your own?

I do this every day.

COMMUNICATION – I know you want to know everything that’s happening in a ‘NOW’ timeframe. I do that with online tracking and calendar updating. I put all your pertinent documents in an online transaction portal that you can access easily.

You tell me how you want to communicate – be it Texting, Facebook Messenger, Email, or phone, that’s how I will do it.

I also answer when you call. ALWAYS.

Let's Talk About Finding Your New Home

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