Work With Me

I know there are many agents to choose from. Read more about me below, then schedule a time for us to talk more candidly about what your expectations and hopes are in a real estate transaction.


What if there was a simpler way?

If you’ve bought or sold real estate in the past, you are used to the traditional ways of finding an agent and having them represent you. This still works.

Decide whether you’re looking for an agent with ‘flash’, or a more practical work ethic.

I adhere to a certain set of standards that traditionally have often been less visible:


  • ‘Real’ism – Show & tell like it is with tact
  • No Frills – I get down to business for you, no fluff
  • Educating – I show you what & how we are getting your transaction done
  • Communicating – Listening TO you, not talking AT you
  • Negotiation – This can be a balancing skill to get both sides to the finish happily
  • Gratitude – You are the reason I do this. Thank you.

I don’t SELL REAL ESTATE. My JOB is to assist you professionally all the way through your real estate transaction, with skills of a seasoned Realtor. I help YOU sell your property, and also help YOU find the best way to acquire your next property, whether it be a home for you, family, livestock, or even investments in the future.

Let’s get started.


My Core Values

I feel the only way to work for a fantastic client experience is with the following values:




NOTE: Texas law requires ALL real estate licensees to give all consumers who initiate real estate transactions the  following information about real estate services: