Ever wondered which major real estate brokerage you should hire to sell your property? Who could sell it for the most and get the best sale result? Well…this chart doesn’t go into prices, but it DOES show that every major brokerage listed there has a very similar rate of properties that either Cancel, Withdraw, or Expire their listing with that brokerage.


These numbers are based on any Single Family Residence type listing in the NTREIS listing area, in the last 365 days.

I’m not surprised, want to know why?

The AGENT you choose determines your BEST real estate experience and result

From the above chart, the percentage of ‘failed’ listing rates seem to be pretty similar across the board. Most brokerages will tout the AMOUNT of listings they have, but you never really see HOW the listings perform.

Though each brokerage has tools and guidelines on how to list and sell your property, it’s how the AGENT uses these tools and how thorough the agent is in the initial presentation of the property that helps determine how well it may sell.

The other HUGE factor is the Agent’s ability to inform and educate you on the state of the market in YOUR AREA, related to YOUR PROPERTY, at the time you decide you wish to list. If the agent cannot make clear to you the price range in which you should choose to list, or takes your listing at a price point which is doomed to fail-

(and make your listing stale by sitting on market too long – whispers “what’s WRONG with that house???” )

– then the responsibility falls on the AGENT for the inability to sell your home before you decide to cancel the listing, or it gets so old it Expires.

In each major brokerage, in the DFW area, there are hundreds to thousands of agents. The “experienced” Agents/teams aren’t necessarily the best, and “fresh” Agents aren’t necessarily the most “hungry”. Yep, it’s a tough road to find one that matches your personality, your property needs, and hopefully get you the results you wish for in the sale of your home.

Do I have advice for that? Sure, let’s talk. But I may not be the best for you, either. The agent/client relationship lasts as long as your listing agreement, so we’d best be a good match in both communication & drive to get your property sold.

If you don’t really WANT to sell, just putting out feelers at a high price? I’m not the one for you. But if you have places to be, let’s get going, and see what the market holds for you today. It might be different tomorrow. I’ll keep you notified on the changes. Good luck out there!!!

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