We agents know that talking to us first can feel intimidating to a new home Buyer. The stereotype may never die, no matter how good most of us are. However, you could save so much time just sitting down to chat with us as you consider purchasing a home, rather than doing what 90% of home searchers do, and use the ‘z’. This article link below explains it much better than I can. Please take a moment to read through it. It’s pretty accurate, sadly:

When searching for a home online, use a local, reputable source.

The technology behind the infamous value estimate (that rhymes with Guesstimate) given by them is flawed, in that it’s done via an AI type algorithm that knows NOTHING about your actual home (or any of them, really), so cannot accurately portray what you might really receive at the sale of your home.

It also may give Buyers an unrealsitic (both directions) viewpoint of what homes might actually sell for that they hope to buy. Frustrating for the real estate agent you finally contact about homes in your area. You may have a skewed view of what is actually happening.

And, sadly, the ‘z’ does not always pick up all the details that the listing agent added to that listing, often. Pictures could be missing, and facts that you need to know may not show there. You may miss the perfect place for YOU by placing too much stock in that.

Please don’t be shy about finding an agent. Ask your friends who they’ve used, or do some research of agents on your own to find one you may feel comfortable with. Once we are working  together officially, we are almost like lawyers (but not…) in that we are attuned to your needs, and loyal to you as our Clients. The ‘z’? Not so much. YOU are our concern.


NOTE: Texas law requires ALL real estate licensees to give all consumers who initiate real estate transactions the  following information about real estate services: