You want to quickly sell your home for a high price. But sometimes your actions (or inactions) have the opposite outcome, leaving the listing lingering on the market. Here are common missteps to avoid when listing your property for sale.

Setting a Price Without Market Data

A Realtor® has access to accurate market data that show what buyers in your market are willing to spend for houses like yours. Ignoring such data because you want to make a certain amount of money can make your house hard—maybe impossible—to sell.

Limiting Access

Your Realtor® can offer suggestions for ways to make your property accessible, but start with flexible time periods that make it easy for buyers to visit on their terms. Prospective buyers won’t make an offer if they can’t visit your home.

Ignoring Easy Improvements

Adding fresh paint or installing new carpet can be affordable ways to make your property more appealing. And taking care of simple repairs, such as fixing a leaky faucet or squeaky door, suggests to buyers that the property has been well maintained.

Using Poor Pictures Online

How are your listing photos? With most buyers starting their home search online, it’s important for your photos to be enticing. Your Realtor® can guide you to photographers who specialize in real estate photography or give you some suggestions for different angles or features to showcase.

A Realtor® will help you identify ways to market your home and attract buyers, so you can sell it quickly and for a fair price. Not working with a Realtor®? Find one here.