A home inspection is a typical part of the buying process and required by many mortgage lenders, but over 10% of homebuyers reported not using an inspector in their most recent purchase, according to a survey from home improvement website Porch.

Of those that did use an inspector, 72% considered just one option and only 13% compared three or more. Not only can comparing inspectors allow buyers to compare prices and services offered—nearly half of those surveyed by Porch paid between $301 to $500— interviewing potential inspectors can help distinguish the best professional for the property under consideration.

Eighty-six percent of inspections found something that needed to be fixed, according to Porch, and 46% of respondents used those results to negotiate a better deal on the property, with an average savings of $14,000. 

Learn more about the most common issues found, what buyers saved, and other details of the inspection process in the full survey results