Part II – Van Alstyne. Just as said before, investors have been buying properties for years in most mid-range priced neighborhoods, and that’s all fine. People sometimes need rentals. There are homeowners, however, who have neighbors who are constantly changing, for better or worse. The neighborhood dynamics change based on how many rentals exist there. Here’s a quick look at some of the neighborhoods in Van Alstyne, TX and a general number of how many in each subdivision are NOT Owner Occupied (this doesn’t necessarily make it a rental property):

Georgetown (all sections) – 59 of 628 properties. Van Alstyne, TX

Greywood – 19 of 190 properties, Van Alstyne, TX

Sanford Park – 14 of 126 Properties, Van Alstyne, TX

Steeplechase Estates, 4 of 145 properties, Van Alstyne, TX

Keep in mind these are approximate numbers, but shows a good idea of how many are investor-owned here. Not surprisingly for now, Van Alstyne has a very low ratio of non owner occupied to owner occupied. As more info comes in on the newest subdivisions there, I will keep you informed.

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