Looking for the perfect new home can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first home.  Your mind is filled with questions that can feel overwhelming at times:

“What’s the best neighborhood for me? What type of home would be the best fit for my family? How can I be sure that I’ve seen everything that might be a good possibility? How do I present an offer? How much should my offer be? How can I be sure I’m getting the best price for the house I want?


Your mind will be at ease by using a buyer’s agent; these are 4 good reasons why you should…

..BTW, what is a Buyer Representation Agreement and why should I sign one?”

 Reason #1: Using a buyer’s agent is completely free for the buyer.

You’ve heard the adage, “nothing in life comes free.” This simply isn’t true when using a buyer’s agent….it is completely free for the buyer! By using a buyer’s agent, you get the expertise and experience of an agent who is professionally trained in locating the perfect home to meet all the needs of the client.  In a residential real estate sale, the seller pays all commissions for the listing agent and for the buyer’s agent.  Therefore, this specialized service comes at no cost to the buyer.  When we help you find a home, we work for you completely free.
(there is one scenario in which you may pay a bit…ask me about this. It’s rare, but there)

Reason #2: Using a buyer’s agent gives you full access to the Multiple Listing System (MLS).

I know those ‘other’ home search sites are pretty and seem full of information. All that information comes from the MLS system! But those sites often don’t know when a home is “Under Contract”.
You might get so attached to a particular home, only to call me and find out it’s not available.
As the buyer’s agent, we know what questions to ask you so that we understand what you’re looking for. By way of the MLS, we are able to find every home available that meets all your specifications (area of town, square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, etc.) We can email these to you and go over the possibilities with you. We can let you know as soon as a home that would be a good fit comes into the market, sometimes even before it hits the market.

Reason #3: Using a buyer’s agent ensures that someone is on your side with only your best interest in mind.

When you use a buyer’s agent you will sign a form that explains the relationship a buyer’s agent has with a buyer. This is a form that all agents in Texas are obligated to present to a new Buyer or Seller before going into any kind of detail on a property you might be interested in. This document, with the illustration on the 2nd page, will help you further understand why having a Realtor in your corner is so important for you

It lists the buyer’s agent’s responsibilities as: following the buyer’s lawful instruction, loyalty to the buyer, promoting the buyer’s best interests, disclosing material facts to the buyer, maintaining confidential information and accounting for any money they handle in the transaction.  Who wouldn’t want this? When we work for you as the buyer’s agent, we represent you and work solely for you.

Reason #4: Using a buyer’s agent helps to ensure you are getting your home at the best price possible.

We can take you out and show you the listings, tell you the past history of the home (how long it’s been on the market, price reductions, etc.), what it sold for when the current owners purchased the property and present additional comparables.  Having this information ensures that you make a wise and informed decision in choosing your future home AND in deciding upon a price for your offer.  Once that initial offer is presented, the negotiating starts and at this point, you’ll want someone who solely represents you (see Reason #3)



Knowledge…or is it?

Thinking of selling FSBO? Looks easier than ever, right? Yes, certain real estate websites seem to give you the information you think you need to determine a selling price for your most expensive asset; how accurate IS that instant valuation report? What are the details those sites CAN’T tell you that make that value realistic? Your Realtor HAS those details and can help you make a more accurate price choice.

Are you Market savvy?

Do you know what options Buyers in your area are looking for? How about what features your home needs help with to appeal to those Buyers? What type of Buyers are they? Your Realtor can educate you about these and other market facts that help you decide how fast your home might sell, and keep you from making a expensive (both in time AND money lost) mistake when positioning your property.

1,000 Word Pictures..and more

Marketing…often the key to even getting a Buyer to walk in the door. Do you know the right photographers, stagers and materials experts? Can you tell a story about your property effectively for a Buyer? Do you know who and how to send these to?

What About Those ‘instant offer’ places? Isn’t that better?

The answer depends on what you want out of the sale of your home. If you are in a big hurry, not mindful of whether you are getting the best sale price, then maybe you might choose that route. Those ‘places’ often charge just as much-or more- as the more experienced agents, but may offer you a few conveniences. Ask us if we can do the same, and still give you the professional support you deserve. Often, we can!

More Reasons To Use A Realtor

Overcoming objections is a Realtor’s job

Realtors keep track of who has viewed your home, gather feedback, and then help the Seller decide, based on those and other facts, what can be done to help overcome the issues Buyers reveal. We do this with little emotional attachment, just a positive end result in sight.

Negotiation is key

You’ve received a ‘lowball’ offer on your home. What response should you give? How do you know what response to give based on what ‘intel’ you’ve gathered on the Buyer? Do you know how to not ‘put off’ the Buyer with your counteroffer? How would you facilitate all the issues effectively and stay unfazed? Your Realtor is a ‘buffer zone’ of sorts to find a way to reach an unemotional positive outcome.

Realtors solve problems

OK, maybe not exactly like MacGyver, but when an issue comes up in inspection, or a lender snag, Realtors are used to this, and know who to go to for pressure relief. We help keep the Buyers balanced and find solutions to make both parties satisfied.

Averting surprises gets better results

When presenting your home to a Buyer, you don’t want to be blindsided with ‘surprises’ that cause Buyers to walk away. Your Realtor makes sure you address property issues before putting your home on the market, assuring a Buyer will have no complaints, only offers. They help with staging, ideas for needed updates like paint, fixtures, and items that may fail an inspection. I like to get all Buyer questions answered before they even have them. This should equate to more money in the bank for you at Closing time.

Social Networking is what your Realtor does

You sure can tell the neighborhood about your decision to sell your home, but your Realtor has the key contacts and avenues to assure that THOUSANDS of folks see your home. And in it’s best light (see above). Do you know WHO to market to? Realtors have connections everywhere, and know what vendors could best help get the deal done.

Get your questions answered

9-5 Realtor? No such thing. We are here to answer your questions when they come up, and will get an answer quickly for you if we don’t know. We don’t charge per call or request. We’ve done this all before, and we can give you objective advice and ideas. This is our JOB…we want to be as good at it as you want to be at your job. There’s a list going around Realtors of the 181 Things A Realtor Does behind the scenes. And it often feels like more than that by the end of the transaction. Are you sure you want to take on those 181 yourself?

 When you are ready to start that search for the perfect new home for you and your family, please give me a call to discuss your “Must Haves” and start your journey rolling smoothly to your new address!


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